Giuliana ArditoGiuliana Ardito well known for her unique glamorous style is an inspired freelance fashion stylist who started in Lima, Peru and now brings her distinctive and inimitable fashion style to Miami and all throughout the United States. Her work includes celebrity styling on menswear and women wear for commercials, advertising, editorial fashion photo shoots, TV Shows, interviews and special events.

In Addition, Giuliana is also very well known for her ability to portrait and embed the uniqueness of her job on her clients through the use of color, texture, form, fabric and precious accessories. Her style is glamorous, alluring and charming but at the same time fresh, comfortable and unexpected.

Giuliana’s Ability to make her clients confident and contented on their clothes and wardrobe have been her primary goals and they have been achieved thanks to her ample knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. Her passion for style will be reflected in each of her clients and work which ultimately will reveal an appealing and passionate style.